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50% Off Initial Massage
50% Off Initial Massage
50% Initial Massage
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One per person.
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When should you have a Deep Tissue massage?

What is Deep Tissue massage?

Deep Tissue massage is massage that is performed very firmly to stimulate the nervous system. This can help to alter and achieve desires muscle balance. It can also help break muscle knots.

How does Deep Tissue massage work?

Deep Tissue massage can help cause vasodilation which increases blood flow to areas. This helps flush toxins, promote healing and increase venous return.

When should you have a Deep Tissue massage?

Deep Tissue massage is use to help balance the body to achieve its optimal condition. This can help reduce pain, dysfunction and optimise body function.

What will a Deep Tissue massage therapist do?

The massage therapist will perform Deep Tissue massage throughout your body, finding point that need work on though experience and education.

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