Exercise Physiology – Gold Coast, Ace Health Centre

AT our gold coast clinic our exercise physiologist is a health professional who analyses peoples health and fitness to help increase their health.

They mostly deal with people that have chronic health conditions that other personal trainers could not deal with. Conditions such as diabetics, lung issues, chronic pain, heart issues and more. Their goal is to get them moving, rehab them, and get their quality of life back.

The other side of things are dealing with elite athletes. With their university training to be able to programme marco (long term) and micro (short terms) cycles of training periods. Specific training is very important for each athlete at this level. Different players buddies have different needs, and so do different positions within sport. this could be Increasing cardio, increase strength, speed etc.

Based at our Gold coast clinic located in Clear Island Waters. 2km From Broadbeach and 800m from Mermaid waters. Our exercise physiologist is able to see you and help you with our gym, and online programming.

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