New Equipment! – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

We are moving up in the world of rehab. We have recently acquired a Smith Machine with 150kg+ of weights to take your rehab, fitness, and recovery to the next level.

Rehabilitation of an injury is far more than just being pain-free. In fact, reducing your level of pain is more often than not the first stage of your rehab journey. Once the pain is gone, you are able to transition into the next phase of rehabilitation which is the strengthing and conditioning of the injured area to prevent further complications.

Your level of rehab depends on the activity that you want to perform. e.g., a senior may only want to go through rehab to the point where they can make a cup of tea again. A 20-year-old however, may wish to go through a much more intense program to be able to participate in sports and other physical activities without having to worry about an old nagging injury.

It’s important for you to understand the level of rehab you want to participate in before you start your Physio so we can assist you to achieve your goals and work out a time frame and appropriate exercises accordingly.

Our qualified staff will be with you, every step along the way on your road to recovery and our fully equipped rehab facility is the perfect place to smash your expectations and beyond.

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