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What is a nail fungal infection?

To have Fungi within the body is a normal occurence. This is the same as having normal bacteria in the body. When The body changes levels change, reduced immune system etc fungus can begin to over grown. This creates an infection. Onychomycosis, also called tinea unguium, is the overgrowth of fungus within the nails of the toes of fingers.

How good are fungal toenail treatments?

Curing fungal nails is a long and time consuming course of treatment. It is very difficult to guarantee the effect of the treatment and there are so many variables that can interfere with treatment. Treamtents can last from 6-245 months to see full effects due to healthy nails having to regrown. Relapse and reinfection are common (40%-70% reinfection rate). Trying to remove or modify your risk factors, if possible, is essential to preventing reinfection. People who have medical illnesses that predispose them to fungal nails can have an even more difficult time eradicating the fungus.

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What do nail fungal infections look like?

There are many different variations of nail fungal infection and they can all present differently. Here are a few examples

  • Lines in the nails
  • Thickness of the nails
  • Discolouration of the nails (from orange, yellow, green and more)
  • Living of the nail
  • Changes in shape of the nails

How do we treat fungal nail infections?

We use the lacuna fungal nail treatment method. This involves thinning out the nail and creating little holes. The holes create a route of entry to the fungus. We then get you to apply anti fungal creams / topications daily (lamasil / terbinefinfe cream) to kill off the fungus.

After using other methods including laser, light therapy, tablets and more, this method seems to be just as effective and safer that thing medications.

Lacuna fungal nail treatment

After thinning out the nail small holes are then put into the nail. This treatment is repeated every 4 weeks until the fungal infection is healed, and the nail has grown out healthy.

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