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What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a holistic form of exercise developed to increase core stability and postural strength.

When correct muscles are activated, muscle pain and discomfort may be alleviated.  These correct techniques are carefully guided by our very own physiotherapists who run clinical Pilates in our Gold Coast clinic.

Other benefits of Pilates include:

–          Improvement of core muscle strength and tone

–          Improved flexibility

–          Improved balance

–          Co-ordination

–          Improved posture

–          Sports performance

Here at ACE Health Centre we offer a range of Pilate classes. Whether you’re new to the Pilates scene or a Pilates professional, we’re confident a class will suit your needs.

Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, SC (Strength & Conditioning) as well as pre and post natal pregnancy Pilates (yes, bubs can come along!)  Plus, as our Pilates classes are run via health professionals, you can use your private health fund towards your classes.

Our experience physiotherapists will work with you through your areas of injury or weakness to assess and put together a plan specifically tailored to you.

By taking on a more gentle, non-aggravating approach to strengthening exercise, Pilates can leave you feeling revitalize,  improve your general health and have you moving with ease.

For Gold Coast Pilates, book an appointment online now or call ACE on (07) 5572 6222, [email protected] or fill in the form below.

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How can we help?

Our pilates classes are run via health professionals such as physiotherapists, exercise physiologist. This Means you can use your private health fund towards your classes. Find out about what we offer below.

How do I get started with pilates and what should I expect?

Pilates is beneficial for people of all ages, genders and sizes. We train people with Pilates who are mothers, people with back pain, office workers, high level athletes and even elderly patients in their 80s! If you need better core strength, pain relief or just want to feel better, Pilates can help you.

You should wear comfortable loose fitting pants/shorts and a shirt. It is also preferable to wear socks during the class.It is also advisable to bring a towel to lay over your mat.

Before starting a group class you must have an initial assessment so we can find you a class that suits your level of fitness. Our group classes have a maximum of 4 people so you will always be under close supervision of your Pilates instructor. You won’t get lost in a big group, like at a gym.

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