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Lacuna (Latin for small lakes or puddles) method was developed following research that showed fungal nails responded to an application of terbenifine 1% spray/ cream on a regular basis, where the terbenifine can reach the nail bed and used regularly until the nail grows out.

The idea has been arround for some time, and is not ‘new’ this is a reinvention and adaption of multiple ideas, which was needing a name. Using a  podiatry drill and enucleation burs, Small holes can be drilled into the infected nail plate allowing the terbenifine access to the nail bed.

TIMG_9032he Lacuna Method is only available from suitably qualified individuals (foothealth practitioners or podiatrist/chiropodists). By using a specially designed micro burr, several rows of tiny holes are drilled through the nail plate to the nail bed – the number of holes depend upon the extent of the infection and the size of the nail to be treated. Antifungal spray (Terbinafine 1% known as Lamisil) is then applied to cover the nails it passes through the holes. Pressure applied to the toe when walking will aid the spread of the medicament to reach the infected area. The terbinifine 1% can treat the infection more effectively than simply being applied to the impenetrable surface of the toe nail.

Treatment involves having the holes made every 4 weeks for 6-24 months depending on the severity.

lacuna nail fungus treatment gold coast

lacuna nail fungus treatment gold coast

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