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Initial Thoughts

Pulling these out of the box they feel surprisingly light. This is surprising considering they have a forefoot and heel but stick with the typical narrow nike mid foot.

Many people are comparing these to the Adidas ultra boost which is a fairly good comparison, but there are also many differences. One thing that Nike has tried to push for this shoe as well as adidas did with the Ultra boost is market it as a running shoe. One thing is clear though from a professional point of view though, is that this is not a running shoe. Its and every day casual shoe that that you could run to the bus in if your about to miss it.


The react foam has been majorly marketed as soft and responsive. After sliding these on the sole feels like a mildly responsive and yes, soft. Overall nothing too special. It feels firmer than the ultra boost and slightly less responsive (which is not a bad thing as I found the adidas ultra boost extremely unstable to even just walk in). Due to it being slightly firmer it has meant that nike could go a little narrower on the sole through the mid foot. One noticeable point it the sole is made of a single piece of foam which makes the ride extremely smooth. With the only durable foam being a small patch under the heel and toe. It will be interesting to see if it lives up to its durability claims.


The flyknit upper is super comfortable. The upper wont be good for people with extra wide feet as it may be a struggle to get your foot into the collar. Once in the the shoe though the upper does stretch. The upper would actually be great for people with toe deformities or diabetes being soft and stretchy on the forefoot.

The mid foot support is ok though is nothing special. It conforms to the foot well but is missing flywire from my opinion. The firmer material on the inside to provide mid foot support just doesn’t quite cut it for a running shoe, but then again i wouldn’t recommended running in it.

The upper does feel much more supportive than ultra boost though! It does have a semi firm heel cup though and the foot does sit down into the foam to provide some rear foot control. I didn’t feel adidas ultra boost did a good job with heel cup which is partly why it feels so unstable.

My favourite part of the upper though is the ankle collar. I wish that the vaporfly had the same fit around here as its perfectly snug and secure.


Nike says the react foam is more durable than than its other foams. Other responsive foams I have tried have all been far more durable than regular eva and so I have high hope for these. Im yet to find out though. as i have not had them long enough


This is defiantly not a stability shoe. It is a neutral shoe and would defiantly suit a person with a higher arched foot that lacks a little bit of mobility. It is far more stable than the adidas ultra boost though.


Highly recommended shoe for going to the movies in, going for a beer or other casual events that don’t involve extended periods of standing or walking. Not a running shoe but still innovative and looks good!

Rating – 7/10 (ultraboost 5/10)

+ve – responsive, light, comfortable upper, durability? (yet to find out), smooth ride

-ve – Lacking mid foot stability, not as responsive as expected, fits slightly small on the upper, durability? (yet to find out)

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