When Do You Get A Massage? – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Many people get massages for many different reasons. Here are a few reasons that you may want to use next time your thinking whether or not you need a massage(or if you need and excuse to get one).

Relaxation for people who maybe don’t work out to much, have a high stress lifestyle and that translates into tightness within their body. A massage can help relax the tight muscles, releases endorphins to help you feel relaxed, forget about life stresses and sleep like a baby.

Sports maintenance for people who are not injured but due to training muscles are tight. tight muscles can reduce performance and potentially cause injury. Releasing these muscles can help prevent this It is also important for maintenance if you are regularly training.

Pregnancy can cause a lot of strain on your body causing tight aching muscles. This can make you feel tired, stressed, agetated and cause pain. Releasing these tight muscles can help you sleep better, stress less and feel great.

Injury recovery massage is for people who have any type of muscle or bone injury that needs help healing. Where theres an injury there are tight muscles surround the area trying to protect it. This causes more pain, reduces blood flow and reduces healing. It also means you will be using other muscles to compensate for the injury. These muscles will get tight and painful. A massage can help release these tight muscles, reduce pain, heel you move better, and increase blood flow which in tern can increase healing.

So there is just a few reasons, to get a massage, not that you needed a reason apart from it feels good!

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