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Initial Thoughts

When pulling these out of the box they feel like nothing you have ever seen before. They are very light the foam feels so much different to normal eva, the streamlined shape is a little daunting, and the upper is a thin layer of mesh thats reinforced throughout the mid foot. One thing thats clear about this shoe is that its a running  only shoe (no walking at all), itsdefiantly not  beginners shoe, and is made for forefoot runners only.


The new zoom x foam is like no other foam available today. Boost, DNA, React, Eva run has nothing on this material. Ive always been a person to like a low profile sole with not to much cushioning, but never again will I go back to that. Although very soft the responsiveness of the foam deals with that very well making it not too unstable. Due to how thick the sole is you dont really notice the carbon plate. Your foot sinks into the foam making the reduced flex early noticeable. Only uphill tempo runs is there you really notice the decreased flex in the toe area. the outside doest feel too rugged but after running appears very durable. Its put in the places that it needs it to save weight.


The upper is light but strong. There double l
ayer mesh surrounding the mid foot for support, with the toe box being roomy. I feel like the heel cup / counter could be a little more fitted to prevent slipping but once running is not noticeable. It looks like they felt with this issue in the vaporfly elite which has the ankle high upper with flyknit. The mesh upper is extremely breathable and strong with ventilation holes dotted about.


After 3 months (running 7km 3x per week) of wearing these in they don’t feel too much different to knew ones. (ive just brought another set) The foam and upper have both lasted well with minimal compression within the foam. the outsole also appears very durable.








This is defiantly not a stability shoe. once you start to fatigue and drop backonto your heel a little more the shoe will really start to collapse in waters. The soles is extreme narrow though the mid foot and the foam very soft. this rules this shoe out for people with a history of overuse injury to knees back and feet that struggle to stay on their toes. That is unless you can fit it with an orthotics. I have alway had a big history of shin splints, and without an orthotic struggled a lot to run in theses shoes. below are images with and without an orthotics to show the increase in stability. The first picture is without and orthotic and the second picture has an orthotic. This minute change in pronation makes a huge difference for me in terms of preventing injuries and pain when running.








With an orthotic added I’m never going to run in another shoe again. The high price tag is justifiable for the new foam, carbon plate and light upper. T he Asics metarun is priced at $320 and I feel this is a step above that in terms of running performance. If you are going to make the move to this shoe make sure you know that it is a performance shoe, it is not very stable to prevent for over pronaiton, its not made for walking and its make for mid-forefoot running only. These points are not negative. its just a very specific shoe.

Rating – 9/10

+ve – responsive, supportive, light, fast, comfortable

-ve – heel cup doesnt fit smoothly.

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  • AR

    What kind of orthotics are you using with the Vaporfly? And is that with its original insert removed?

    • ACE Health Centre

      i use a poly orthotic with a forefoot medial wedge as i find as you get tired with them on you start to pronate in late stance more due to how soft they are

  • Michael

    I don’t understand the comment around the stability when you drop bak on your heels. I am a heel strike runner and have found that the show is both stable and provides the performance gains that others have found. Now with 200km on the shoes in the past 2 months I have achieved PB’s in 5km,10km,Half Marathon, 30km. This is the best show I have ever run in.

    • ACE Health Centre

      100% best shoe that I have ever run in as well. You should not heel strike in the Vaporfly 4% though.This is why it has hardly any outsole on the rear of the shoe, it has a narrow mid foot and no specific heel contact point. Its not designed for that. If you try moving to a mid / forefoot strike you will notice more performance. Stability is a term to describe how stable the shoe is on the floor. Due to the fact that the shoe is extremely soft and has a very narrow last, this make shoe shoe very unstable.

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