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Skin & nail treatments / conditions

Podiatrist are highly skilled in medical pedicures to get your skin smooth and your nails comfortable. Using specialist equipment and expert knowlege to have you nails and skin as good as new.

Skin is the human body’s largest organ. Your skin performs a range of different functions which include protecting your bones, muscles and internal organs, protecting your body from outside diseases, allowing you to feel and react to heat and cold and using blood to regulate your body heat.

Skin & Nail Problems

Ingrown Toenails

ingrown toenails

Painful ingrown toenails are very common. Removal of an ingrown toenail can with be done in 2 ways. It can be cut out, but this is not necessarily permanent, or permanent removal of the ingrown toenail.

Fungal Toenails

fungal toenails

Fungal toenail cannot only look bad, but also can be painful and not fit into shoes. Fungal toenail are easily picked up from communal places and be troublesome to get rid of. Book an appointment today to see what treatments are available to help cure your fungal toenails

Tinia / Athletes Foot


Tina can be contracted from many places. Tinia can be sore, itchy, and not look good. If not solved the tinia can be passed very easily between friends and family members.

Verrucas / Warts

verrucas warts

Verrucas and warts come from the human papaloma virus (hpv). Verrucas and warts are usably contracted via communal areas. they can be painful and cause callous to arrive. Verrucas and warts can multiply and easily be passed to family and friends.

Corns / Callous

corns callous

Corns and callous are caused from pressure. Corns are a focal point of pressure, and callous is a generalized area of pressure. If left the corns and callus can cut off blood flow causing holes in your feet. Book an appointment to get your feet seen to today.

Ulceration / Wound Care

ulceration wound care

Ulcers and wounds can be caused by many different reasons. If left untreated ulcers can get infected and potential lead to loss of toes or limbs. If you think you have a wound or ulcer that is not heeling book an appointment to get it checked.

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